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Lose Weight With the Help of HypnoFastDiet™ New Behaviour Conditioning Sessions…

The 5:2 Fast Diet is taking the world by storm since it was first introduced on BBC television by Dr Michael Mosley in 2012.

I can offer you an Hypnotic Gastric Band combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or NLP to help with your emotional reasons for eating and this can work very well. An Hypnotic Gastric Band will, of course, result in you eating less everyday. Alternatively, why not try the new revolutionary 5:2 Fasting Diet? It's really up to you, as I offer both!

What I offer…

… is a 'No-Nonsense Hypnosis Course' to condition your subconscious mind to change your habits and support you through 'The 5:2 Fasting Diet' therefore helping you to achieve success much more easily. Eat normally for 5 days and fast for 2 un-consecutive days a week… With my help, it's as simple as that.

Over the last few decades, all kinds of diets have come and gone, and nothing ever seems to work! At the end of the day, we all know that most diets are simply a false temporary eating programme that we follow for a while, lose some weight, and inevitably return to our old established habits and our weight increases once again. Let's face it: we all have the body of our habits!

The only way to long lasting and permanent change is to establish new habits but at the same time understand the cues, the behaviour and rewards of the existing habits. Only the new right habit will work! It's not just about doing something different, it’s about doing the right different thing!

Let's be realistic. At the end of the day, it's all about our habits and how they reassert themselves again over time! And I will say it again 'We all have the body of our habits'.

So many of us have struggled with my weight for years. we have all tried everything and still the weight returned as our habits returned to normal after the latest unsustainable 'fad diet'.

Many of us have found that practising Intermittent Fasting also known as the 5:2 Fast Diet our eating habits have changed for good; some people even look forward to my fasting days! On fasting days, we can feel more focused, more alert and our mind can feels clearer. I think some of this is due to just giving our digestive system a rest. Digestion does, after all, take up a great deal of energy.

Most of us have learnt over the years to hate being 'on a diet' and the feelings of being deprived, but fasting isn't the same at all, as we know that we can go back to eating normally the next day. It's like you are ‘on a diet’ just some of the time! Intermittent fasting has become a lifestyle for many people, and their weight has been steadily decreasing and they feel healthier and happier in general.

Because intermittent fasting has become a part of their lifestyle, they have created a new habit that has replaced the old habit of overeating every day! Most love cooking and love food, if you look forward to cooking for your wife and family at the weekends, or going out for a meal, you can choose to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. We can do whatever suits us personally. We don't have to be constantly thinking about dieting, and with intermittent fasting you don't have to… The incessant thoughts of 'I must lose weight' are a thing of the past. Only on the two days a week do you watch your calories; it’s a simple 'part-time diet' that is healthy for your body and mind. After a fasting day, most people don't feel like overeating. Most say that their appetite seems to have naturally diminished, which is another benefit!


Fasting is, of course, a very old idea and there is nothing new about it. Your body has actually been designed to fast. Over thousands of years it has evolved to cope well when food was scarce. Continuous 'feast and famine' is why we are so good at storing fat on our bodies. Food was never so plentiful and convenient than it is now, and that's the problem! We don't ever get to use the stored fat because scarcity is no longer an issue… We simply consume too much food every day, and we can eat anywhere, at any time! Being obese is a clash of modern living with the evolution of our bodies ability to store fat! Modern humans did not evolve on 3 meals a day every day and of course we are even encouraged to snack by the food industry. We fuel the food industry with our consumption. How many pounds have we paid for the pounds on our bodies, and to whom?

Intermittent fasting is the most natural thing you can do for your body, and it is proven to have massive health benefits aside from just losing weight. Intermittent fasting isn't a fad; it's a lifestyle choice and a habit for life. Don't forget, we have the bodies of our habits!

What you eat and when you eat is up to you. I am not going to put you on a diet. Just read the recommended book or purchase the audio version on Check with your GP if you are not sure about any personal health problems you may have.

HypnoFastDiet™ Course...

I am offering you real help and support to change your habits for life, finally lose weight happily and effectively, and keep it off by conditioning your subconscious mind in just 4 sessions alongside using the revolutionary 5:2 Fast Diet… It couldn't be easier!

The HypnoFastDiet™ Course is for 4 sessions and costs £300. Contact me today
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