At the beginning of this year I had an anxiety dream. My family had all had a run of the mill winter vomiting bug and I was anxious about getting it myself. I woke up in a panic having a panic attack. This was not normal for me as I didn’t suffer with anxiety on a day to day basis. I felt increasingly stressed and anxious and I looked on the internet for help near to me. I googled ‘phobia’ and ‘dealing with anxiety’ in the Cheltenham area and Gary Redmond came up. I sent an email to the address on the website and was contacted by Gary later that day to make an appointment. I instantly felt better after seeking help and Gary’s informal approach made it much easier to attend the appointment. I found his kind manner and relaxed room helped me to open up and discuss my issue, to which he immediately understood and helped me deal with. The information and tools he gave me are invaluable and the difference his guidance has made for me and my family is priceless. I met with Gary twice and felt like a different person. I have recommended Gary to other family members and friends already with a variety of issues to which they have had and continue to have life changing results within very few appointments. I can’t thank Gary enough for his help.
Jenny. Worcestershire 21st April 2015
Gary was recommended to me by a friend as I was having increasing issues within my relationship and with my family. I felt nervous leading up to the initial meeting but Gary’s ability to listen and explain reasons why I could be experiencing this constant rage made me feel better even after the first session. I left feeling an immediate relief from the stress of my anger and anxiety. For the first time in many years felt that there would be an end to these out of control bursts of temper and rage. In the second meeting I was amazed at how quick we got the cause of my explosive anger, it was an unbelievable feeling, it’s difficult to describe the instant sense of freedom that I felt, it was as if a knot had been released in my stomach, a knot I didn’t even realise had been there for 20 years! Gary’s ability to get to the reason for my erratic and frightening emotions so very quickly and his way of explaining complex behavioural patterns has made it easy for me to understand my reactions and enables me to visualise these emotions so they something I can now control. I now know why I used to react the way I did but more importantly, moving forward, it has made it easy for me to recognise potential triggers and situations. I now have the tools to break these cycles, I stay calm, realistic and positive where before I would have struggled to stay in control – these tools are invaluable and have changed my life. For the first time ever I have been able to put my past in my past and be excited for mine and my family’s future. I needed to get control for the sake of my young son; I didn’t ever want him to see me when I lost control. I am free from a dark cloud and the feeling can only be described as total elation! This has been an incredible journey for me I still cannot believe I have only seen Gary three times. I am forever grateful as he has given me my life back and would recommend to anyone to go and see him.
Hannah Cheltenham May 2015
When someone close to me suggested therapy, I honestly didn't think it would be for me in any way, shape or form. What? To sit with someone who doesn't know you and then you tell them personal things? How can this help? All I can say is that a weight has been lifted from me. Some things that I carried around for years have now left, never to return. It's hard to explain but when the penny drops, it's like you know your never going back to dragging all that unwanted baggage around again. To be open and honest in safe environment has changed everything for me. If a hiccup occurs (which I highly doubt) I know Gary will be there to put me back on track.
Mr C.P. Stroud
I was suffering from PTSD and a difficult relationship patch, along with ill health, and needed a Counsellor who wouldn't just sit and nod at me, but would actually interact with me and help rationalise my thoughts. Gary was that man, poor thing! He was very calm, has great presence and is very thoughtful, but will challenge you when appropriate - which was exactly what I needed. He also helped my fiancé greatly with his anger issues, we would not still be together if it weren't for Gary! Re the PTSD I am now practically 'normally' as he helped me separate the trauma from reality, which has massively lowered my stress levels down to a manageable level. If you need a Counsellor, get Gary, you won't regret it!
Shelly Bailey. Bristol.
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I came to Gary for help when my entire world and identity had crashed. My father with whom I had had a very difficult childhood was very ill with dementia. My mother was in complete denial. I had just been through an agonising court divorce which I didn't want as my husband had had an affair with my good friend and left me virtually penniless as I had given up my career to support his. I had also had a rare illness which resulted in my losing the sight in one eye and a lengthy stay in hospital. I had become addicted to valium. I was angry, depressed and totally utterly lost. Gary gave me the tools to start to see my situation as fluid..not fixed forever. He showed me how living in the moment could ease my immediate hurt but still allow me to be practical and plan. He helped me see I was a woman with a future not a fat, frumpy over 50 divorcee, It was sometimes painful but always constructive. Today I have a good job I am back in a position of authority, I deal better with my father's illness and I am calmer. Gary is a man of tremendous insight and compassion and can see through game playing. I credit him with helping me to turn my life around and to anyone thinking of seeing him I'd say 'Go. There are therapists and therapists. Gary is pure gold
Ms. Debbie Raikes May. Gloucestershire
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After a blow to the head in a car accident my ability to control my temper was completely gone. My Fiancée was about to finish with me as I was shouting at her constantly and she couldn't take any more. Gary was able to help me deal with my anger and with his help I am completely cured, it's like having a weight lifted from your shoulders. His way of dealing with the anger is simple but very effective and I can't thank him enough for the changes he's helped me make.
Mr J.C. Bristol
I sought Anger Management when I realised that throughout my life I had been a fundamentally angry person. The realisation finally occurred after another relationship broke down because of my angry outbursts. Anger up to this point had ruined my life! In my first meeting with Gary, he identified the childhood cause of my condition and the reason for my subsequent behaviour pattern. In subsequent meetings he explored other aspects of my character that also had an impact on my anger. The process was all about understanding the cause and becoming aware of the triggers. It then felt like a very straight forward and simple process of dealing with these triggers differently and changing my life-long behaviour. I really feel different now. I am dealing with issues that previously would have caused anger and pain in a much more positive way. Gary`s methods are quite amazing in their simplicity. I wish I`d met him 30 years ago.
Thank you Gary
Mr A.C. Cheltenham
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Meeting Gary was the best thing I have done in regards to my personal wellbeing. I had over the years tried counselling, however it left me feeling worse as I had to go through the events that led me to seeing the counsellor.  Whereas with Gary it's different he taught me how to deal with the problem and that I'm in control. He taught me how compassion and love is a great healer and great way to survive. On top of all this, Gary is a lovely man who I have found to be direct in his approach and passionate about his working and belief in his work. This is what I feel make him a success.
Mrs S.S. Cheltenham
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I would not have visited Gary and undertaken the anger management sessions if my wife had not explained to me that I did not now have any choice if we wanted to stay together as a family. I guess that over the last 20 years I did not really feel I was the problem. It was always someone else’s fault when I flayed up and got angry with my family. I did however go to Gary with a totally open mind and a conviction that I would always tell the truth and accept the feedback however hard I might find it. From the very first session I was able to open up and discuss through Gary’s methods with honesty and I knew that this approach would really help. I was going to stop after a couple of sessions as I felt the issues had been discussed but my wife insisted that I continue. We did discuss each session at home afterwards and I came back to Gary with further revelations. In all I had 6 sessions with Gary. I am still unsure what he really did but I know he has transformed my life and my families and I am very grateful indeed. I am especially pleased that my children will at least see me in a new light before they go off to University and I can only hope that I will not have scared them too much. We are much happier at home and are getting on and doing activities together.
Mr M.S. Cheltenham
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I came to realise that through my anger I had become someone I did not want to be and that it had been affecting my relationship with my wife and family for some time. I knew a little about NLP which is why I chose to see Gary, however, his approach was not what I had assumed. Talking to Gary was like talking to a friend who understood exactly how I felt, and showed me how I was unconsciously setting the wheels in motion for an outburst. This came as a revelation to me, but now I understand the thought processes involved in the lead up to an outburst they no longer happen. I would definitely recommend this process as it is insightful and works in a very short space of time. Can I take this opportunity Gary to thank you for showing me a better way.
Mr P.F. Gloucestershire
"After being racked with stress induced anxiety for a number of months due to overcommitting at work I decided to arrange some sessions with Gary, within a few hourly visits Gary helped me quickly regain control of my resources and tools to combat the constant worry and pain that anxiety causes. I am now back to my happy self and loving life again! I will not hesitate to contact Gary in the future if demanding times call for it"
Mr P.H. Gloucester
This is coming from someone highly skeptical about how effective traditional Psychology actually is, and I'll be honest, I went in expecting nothing good or helpful to happen at all; it was really just to humour my other half. In my case, I needed help coming to terms with a difficult past situation; I expected months of Psychological analysis ahead and thousands of pounds worth of bills, but within three sessions I was completely fixed, and not just with my one main problem - several other problems suddenly disappeared as well as a result. The reason for this is because Gary doesn't practice Psychology, he practices Truths, which he offers on 3 levels. The first is directly related to the situation you're in, and how to constructively solve it by coming to terms with it, and bringing subconscious behaviours into awareness. The immediate result can only be described as an "awakening" and is incredibly exciting to behold. The second is the obscure, "I don't really get it" advice that you walk away with between sessions - it takes a week or two to sink in, but once you have subconsciously processed it and put his ideas into practice, you notice the world in a completely different light. You wake up one morning with everything making sense, and wondering how you were changed overnight for seemingly no reason. The third is advice that is not directly related to the situation at hand, but can be applied to issues stemming from it - for example, the signs of unhappiness that others show to try and passively affect change in their situations. I have recommended Gary to other people and I haven't seen a problem that Gary hasn't solved so far, and I doubt I ever will - the guy is a miracle worker, plain and simple. And the best part is that all of those little "exercises" most therapists give you to do - like rubbing your ears, counting to 10 and downing tranquillisers - you won't see any of that nonsense here, much to my relief. So, you might want to bring as much emotional baggage with you as possible, because you won't have it for very long.
Mr Gareth Steward. Gloucestershire.
Through a series of some twelve meetings Gary took me through a process to help me understand anger. Firstly to understand my anger and how it affected my life, health, and relationships. Finally with a great deal of patience he persisted until the penny dropped. I now feel have not only the ability to control and deal with issues that go back five decades or so but also to appreciate and enjoy life to the full in the future. I cannot thank Gary enough for what he has done for me and would have no hesitation in recommending his work.
Mr T.I. Cheltenham
Although I knew I suffered with OCD I had no idea how to tackle it. Gary was able to see me at very short notice and within one session offered me an alternative way of viewing my behaviour that I had never considered. His approach is direct and to the point.  After a few minutes of talking, he identified what was triggering my OCD and explained the mechanics of how and why it worked. Once I understood the OCD I was open to a more positive and logical way of looking at my decisions. Gary made it clear that consciously changing my behavioural patterns and removing OCD from my life was going to be hard work and it has been. However, as I am now armed with the correct tools to deal with the issue, it is not a problem and I am now able to reduce the effect it has on my life more and more every day.  The difference in my life since seeing Gary is quite marked; I will be forever grateful!
Mr N. C. Gloucestershire
I had worked for the same organisation for over 35 years and for the majority of time had been quite happy. However, changes within the organisation and to a certain extent myself, found me very disillusioned. A chance presented itself, enabling me to leave, which I took; so I found myself in early retirement. Great ... Not so. My life had taken quite a sudden change, and I wasn't prepared for the void which my egotistic self found. I have quite a few interests, am healthy, but found this was really affecting me and it was beginning to eat in to other aspects of my life. I found I needed someone to talk to and after a little research on the internet decided to contact Gary. I had six sessions with Gary and we talked about a whole host of things; including touching on spiritual topics which I found more valuable than I thought I would. Gary lets you talk and set your own pace and agenda, gently throwing in the odd question which stops you in your tracks and makes you think or reflect on certain issues. At the end of my time with Gary, I thought 'you know I'm in a pretty good place and always had been' I just couldn't see it because I always wanted to project myself somewhere else. If you do see Gary don't forget to sample his coffee collection. Thanks for your help Gary
Mr A.M. Cheltenham

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